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Salome Brimhall photographed by her husband Aaron in Salt Lake City, UT. Aaron and Salome run a photography business, often capturing the beauty and lifestyle of people who have a passion for two wheels (aaronandsalome.com).


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Excited to see the rest! #photography #portraiture #getitgirl #baltimore

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"Do you remember the saddest moment of your life?"
"When I got locked up, for dealing drugs. Actually— I take that back. The saddest moment was when I took my five year old daughter to the doctor and found out she needed glasses. She put on those glasses, and she said: ‘Daddy! Daddy! I can see! I can see!’ Tears just started streaming down my face. What a fucking idiot I’d been. We’d take drives to the Catskills, and we’d point out deer to her, and she’d never seem to see them. She’d always say ‘Where!? Where!?’ It should have been obvious. I spent five years trying to give her everything I could, and I messed up the most important thing.’"



Just found out a Chipotle is opening ONE BLOCK from my apartment.

Quality of life = doubled

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